Suspended Platform, Mast Climbing Work Platform and Construction Hoist Manufacturer in China
SHENXI MACHINERY CO.,LTD., established in 1988, is one of the leading suspended platform manufacturer in China. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing a wide range of suspended access equipment, such as suspended platform, suspended scaffold, Mast climbing working platform, aerial work platform, construction hoist, transport platform/material hoist, loading platform, etc. Our products are used for temporary, flexible access purposes, such as maintenance and construction work concerning inaccessible buildings or objects.

Shenxi has 30 years experience in manufacturing suspended platform, suspended scaffold, working platform, etc., which feature excellent design, quality, and reliability, at competitive prices. We at Shenxi know clearly that quality is life of a company. In order to provide better suspended access equipment, we employ experienced technicians, import advanced equipment and implement strict quality control. In the entire manufacturing process, we strictly comply with the ISO9001:2000 certification, to ensure our quality. Thus, our products have received CE certificate. In addition, we have maintained business partnership with some top material suppliers, from whom we can always get better raw materials at preferential prices. As a result, our suspended platform, suspended scaffold and working platform are always sold at best prices. We now have over 30 Shenxi offices and branches which serve over 50 countries and regions around the world.

We are located at Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, which offers us access to convenient transportation by sea, land or air. Therefore, you needn't worry about your international transportation cost. Shenxi warmly welcomes you to choose our suspended platform, suspended scaffold, working platform, etc. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We are glad to deliver innovative solutions and excellent service to our customers.
    1. Steel Suspended Platform/ Cradle/ Swing Stage A kind of Temporarily Installed Suspended Access Equipment, also known as Suspended Platform or Temporary Access Equipment, is a lightweight rigid steel-made object capable of carrying persons onto a certain height so as to facilitate the aerial work, such as maintenance, decoration, cleaning, etc.
    1. LTD Hoist Motor / Winch –main types: LTD8,LTD6,LTD5,LTD3
      –LTD6,LTD5,LTD3 use α-type wire structure, ideal for powering suspended access platform of medium and small duty
      –LTD8 hoist employs S-type wire structure, lifting force strong enough to carry huge load ...
    1. Self-propelled Hydraulic Lift Table It is a kind of hydraulic work platform with a scissor structure, mainly used for facilitating work at height and designed to enhance productivity in the workplace.
      Such kind of aerial work platform can be powered by chargeable battery and is able to walk and turn directions at will without being directed by any person...
    1. Mast Climbing Work Platform Our STC mast climbing work platform is a good solution for work on facades of high and super high rise buildings. It is suitable for facade painting, cleaning, face brick mounting, curtain wall installation, welding of external wall steel structure, and more.
    1. Construction Hoist Our SC Series Construction Hoist is designed to transport workers and materials to the required heights. It is an indispensable piece of vertical transportation equipment for the construction of high rise industrial and civil buildings, large bridges, cooling towers, vertical shafts, etc.